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Shampoos & cleaners

    •    Engine cleaners
         (including one that conforms to Austrian norm B 5105)
    •    Rim cleaners
    •    Shampoos for manual and machine use
    •    Insect removers
    •    Universal cleaners
    •    Bicycle cleaners
    •    Motorcycle cleaners
    •    Plastic cleaners
    •    Cockpit cleaners
    •    Upholstery cleaners
    •    Spray extraction cleaners
    •    HGV cleaners

Whether you need a car shampoo for manual use or a special cleaner for aluminium wheel rims, we have the right products for you.
Depending on your needs and application requirements, choose from our wide range of tried and trusted shampoo, concentrate and cleaning formulations or talk to us about formulating patented, customer-specific products to meet your precise needs

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